Whole proteome annotations

Click on the name of the organism to view or download the GPI-anchor annotations.
All the files are in fasta format and the annotations to the GPI-anchor predictions are reported the end of the header line:

>ENSP00000356314... | FPrate: 0.001 | OMEGA: S-425

FPrate: (False Positive rate) is releated to the accuracy of the prediction.
If the expected False Postive rate of the prediction is <0.001* then the prediction can be considered as higly probable.
When the expected False Postive rate is <0.005* the prediction can be considered as probable.

omega: is the predicted position of the most probable omega-site. The S-425 value means that the Serine in the position 425, counting from the amino-terminal residue, is the predicted omega-site.
List of Species currently predicted
Homo sapiensNCBI 36.48
Arabidopsis thalianaIntegr8 v.75

* The False Positives prediction rate was calculated on a non-redundant dataset comprising 145 Positive examples and 10630 Negative ones.