All datasets are in FASTA format.

Datasets based on release 53 of SwissProt:
GPI-anchor positive dataset145 proteins experimentally annotated as GPI-anchored. Non redundant.67Kb
GPI-anchor negative dataset10630 proteins experimentally annotated as non GPI-anchored. Non redundant.5.8Mb
omega-site dataset26 proteins with an experimentally annotated omega-site. Only the last 40 carboxy-terminal residues are reported along with the position of the omega-site.1Kb
omega-site homology clusterOmega-site sequences was clustered in 20 groups, basing on the sequence similarity of their last 40 carboxy-terminal residues.1Kb
GPI-anchor SwissProt dataset340 proteins experimentally annotated as GPI-anchored in SwissProt.156Kb