The Database

Subcellular localization is a key feature for functional characterization of proteins. Experimental determination is an expensive and time consuming procedure that, up to now, has been achieved only for a small subset of the known proteins.

eSLDB is a database of protein subcellular localization which aims to provide an annotation for the entire proteomes of eukaryotic organisms. The database contains the experimental localizations, when available, the homology-based annotations, when feasible, and predictions performed with machine learning based methods.

Up to date five proteomes have been processed:


eSLDB: eukaryotic subcellular localization database
Andrea Pierleoni 1, Pier Luigi Martelli1, Piero Fariselli1 and Rita Casadio1
Nucleic Acids Research, in press

1Biocomputing Group, Dept. of Biology, University of Bologna, Italy