Output form help page

Every prediction is represented in the Output Form with two images, a table of the results and some additional information.

From the top of the page:

  • Prediction descriptive line: it holds information on the prediction method and eventually on the database used in the profile generation. It could contain also further details: for example, during the signal peptide prokaryotic prediction, it will indicate a prokaryotic lipoprotein when it has been found.
  • First image: it shows the entire sequence with the different predicted segments in different colors. The image can be shown in three formats, according to screen resolutions:
    • Small: for best fitting in 640x480 resolution screens
    • Medium: for best fitting in 800x600 resolution screens
    • Large: for best fitting in 1024x768 resolution screens (or better)
    Changing format can be done by left clicking first on the "Select width.." field, to select the resolution, and then on the "Go" button to activate the image redrawing.
  • Second image: it's a zoom of the first one showing only local sequence parts. Coloring method follows the same rules as above.
    • Zoom shifting: there are two methods to shift viewing to another sequence part:
      • just click with the mouse pointer on the "first image" on the residue you would like to be the new "zoom window center" and automatically the page will reload. The exact sequence position of the mouse cursor is shown in the "center value" on the bottom of the browser or waiting the appearance of an overlapping label indicating the residue number.
      • select the residue number you would like to be the new "zoom window center" and write the new "center number" into the field placed under the first image, just on the right of the session identifier. then click on the "go" button or hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard.
    • Zoom enlargement: there are three zoom levels, that can be selected by "+" and "-" buttons on the bottom of the "second image":
      • Level 1, that shows 60 residues
      • Level 2, that shows 30 residues
      • Level 3, that shows 15 residues
  • Table of the results: it shows each segment separately (one table row equals one segment). Each row has three different fields, from left to right:
    • the numbers of the first and last segment residues (starting the overall numbering from 0)
    • the residue sequence of the segment itself
    • a label indicating the state of the prediction for the segment itself. The label type differs between various classes of prediction (see specific predictor help pages for more detailed informations).
    The table row color follows the same rules used above.
  • Resubmitting Form: it contains the predicted sequence, suitable for further predictions. Clicking the "OK" button it is possible to start another prediction on the same sequence; a new Input Form in a new page will be loaded, the sequence will be transferred to the new page and the entire process can be restarted.
  • References: it's a space dedicated to paper references related to the prediction method.